Know more about Easyberry Platform very Soon

Easyberry Micro II

Easyberry Micro II count with a microcontroller Microchip PIC18F87J60 with Ethernet chipset integrated, 2 RS232 port, , RTC, +3.3VDC source, 4 leds indicator, 8 IO pin on board, reset buttonand 4 memory positions SMD (optional).
In addition has two 24 pins terminal to connect to an Easyberry Peripheral Board.



Easyberry Peripheral

Easyberry Peripheral Board comes with Ethernet interface included with TX, leds and RJ45 connector all integrated, RS232 Serial Port Interface, RS485 Serial Port Interface, 4 optocoupled inputs, 4 Relays output, 8 configurable IO and and (+5V,+3.3V) power sources. To customize Easyberry Peripheral Board contact our Team Support by

Enclosures & Boxes

We provide several option in plastic enclosures to give the final product a professional finishing. They come with riel dim or wall mount accesories. Check the different options that we could offert you.




Embedded Finished Solutions

Order an Embedded Kit
(CPU + Peripheral + Enclosure)
and get a complete Electronic Device Solution. 

RTOS available & pre-set

Take a look of how to work with a RTOS in Easyberry Platform. It comes with preconfigured task, timers, semaphores, queue message and messages between task and much more.

Development Team

After your product get a positioning in the market, you could customize your solution to save money on large-scale productions with us.